Brexit – live updates: Corbyn faces Labour rebellions as MPs vote on EU withdrawal bill

Here’s a quick summary of some of the key Lords amendments that are up for debate today.


European Economic Area – 51 + a


The key amendment today, tabled by Labour peer Lord Alli. This would make remaining in the EEA a negotiating objective – effectively keeping the UK in the single market.


The government disagrees. So does Labour, which has tabled a watered-down version (a) that says the UK should have ‘full access’ to the single market.


MPs will vote on these first at around 7.30pm. Expect a possible Labour rebellion as Jeremy Corbyn has told MPs to abstain on the Lords amendment. Pro-EU MPs are having none of it.


Customs union – 1 + 2


Tabled by Lord Kerr, these amendments compel the government to negotiate a customs union with the EU before the end of October.


Ministers have tabled a different version, which requires them to negotiate a customs arrangement.


Family reunion for unaccompanied child refugees – 24


This amendment is put forward by Lord Dubs, who escaped the Nazis on the Kindertransport. It allows child refugees to join their relatives in other EU countries. 


The government has put forward its own amendment, which sets out its intention to negotiate an agreement with the EU on it. 



There will also be votes on keeping principles of EU law and environmental protections.

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